Your Privacy is Our Priority.

Thank you for visiting the Simply Lowcountry website. Our website uses a few tools to provide useful information to you in hopes that you buy or sell real estate with our real estate team. This privacy policy may be updated from time to time.

Who We Are

Simply Lowcountry is a real estate team at the Boulevard Company real estate brokerage. John Liberatos is the broker in charge of the Boulevard Company. Before shopping for real estate with us or on our website, you agree that you have read and understand agency the South Carolina Disclosure of Broker Relationships found here: South Carolina Disclosure of Real Estate Brokerage Relationships.

While we would hope that you would use our services to buy and/or sell real estate in Charleston, please note that the use of this website nor the acknowledgment of the real estate brokerage relationships disclosure requires that you use our services. is a static site hosted on Github. By accessing this site, anonymous information may be collected from you such as your ip address, device type, and browsing information by our service provider. We intentionally did not include any extra analytical or tracking information on these pages to provide you with a smoother, more private viewing experience.Github's privacy policy can be found here: Github Privacy Policy We also use github so that you can clearly see the source code of our site.

FlexMLS Advanced Search

If you request to do an advanced property search, you will be required to directly register with our area's MLS provider, FlexMLS. At this point, the contact information that you provided to us will be transferred and available to us and FlexMLS. The terms and conditions of this software can be found here: FlexMLS Privacy Page.

We only use FlexMLS to provide you with an up to date search experience and to help you find the properties you are looking for. We do not transfer this information to any third parties unless you request us to do so in writing. We do have visibility at this point into the properties that you view so that we can provide better services to you.

Constant Contact and Email Communications

We use constant contact to send you a once a month email newsletter with local real estate information that we find interesting. We are always seeking to improve our communications. If you find any of our information "spammy" or un-useful, we would love it if you would let us know. You can subscribe on our website and/or unsubscribe by clicking on the link underneath the email or by emailing us. You can view Constant Contact's privacy information located here: Constant Contact Privacy.

Rentention of Information

If you use us to look for property or list a property, your information is required to be stored by our brokerage, the Boulevard Company, according to the local and national auditing laws that govern our industry. If you were simply browsing for properties and would like us to remove your personal contact information from our systems, we will happily do so after you notify us in writing.

Copyright Notices

We strive to use only the information and photography we are allowed to use by either creating the content ourselves or purchasing the content from a third party. If you have any issues with our content please contact us at: and we will review the claim.